Later-term information

The later-term information evening is given at 34-36 weeks to all prospective parents. The following topics are discussed during this evening: the birth, the role of the midwife, location for the birth, forms of painkillers, after the birth and the maternity time. There is of course time set aside for asking questions. The aim of the evening is ensure that you are informed as good as possible about the birth and to give you confidence. Any personal questions or worries that you find unsuitable to ask during this evening can be asked during your appointment with the midwife at the practice. It is helpful if your partner or the person who will be with you during the birth also attends this information evening. The information provided will help him/her when preparing for the birth.

How do I register for this?

The registration runs via the assistant or the midwife of your own midwife practice.


There are no costs attached to this information evening.


You will be informed about this by your midwife practice. If you have any questions on this, please contact the assistant of your midwife practice.