Gender determination ultrasound in 2D

At the Echopunt, starting from 14 weeks of pregnancy, you can have an ultrasound done to determine the gender of your baby.

You will receive a few photos of the scan on glossy paper or we can place them on an Echopunt USB stick. You can inform the sonographer beforehand whether you want to know the gender immediately or if you prefer to have it placed in a sealed envelope.

Gender Determination Scan (15 min)  € 52.50
Echopunt USB-stick € 6,00

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In the case of a gender determination ultrasound, it cannot be guaranteed with 100% certainty. The Ultrasound Center or the sonographers cannot be held liable for any potential incorrect assessment of the gender.

This ultrasound is non-medical, we will not look for any abnormalities. Echopunt nor the sonographer can be held accountable for abnormalities found in later medical exams. If there are any known abnormalities, please tell your sonographer beforehand. Pronounces that been made during or after the ultrasound can not be taken as medical advice. The medical responsibility stays with your midwife and/or doctor.