Our team

Scans at Echopunt are made by profesional sonographers. 

A scan can sometimes lead to a referral to a specialist in the OLVG or the VU/UMC. Your midwife will be informed by us. Although present day ultrasound scan devices deliver high-quality images of your baby, there is no guarantee your baby is perfectly healthy. It is not possible for ultrasounds to detect every fetal anomaly.

Dear expecting parents.

My name is Desiree Lesscher.

I completed my midwife training in 1993 and I am a certified sonographer since 2003. From July 2016 I work full-time as a sonographer. The pregnancy, a child growing under your heart....it is fascinating. As a sonographer I get to share a very special moment with the expecting parents.


My name is Nicolette Feiertag and I gratuated as a midwife in 1988. For over 25 years I worked as a midwife doing home births, worked abroad for Artsen zonder Grnezen and as clinical midwife in hospital. Some 15 years ago I specialized in sonography. For more than a decade I work as certified sonographer at Echopunt. Each scan I make at any stage of the baby's development amazes me! 


Our assistents

Top row, left to right: Anita Chengadu, Ellen Witte (manager), Inger Postma
Bottom row: Linda Dittman, Janneke Hoefman